Thursday, March 3, 2016


Ella woke up near 7:30. I tried to get her to hang out in bed with her iPad so I could rest but she didn't want to do that.

Throughout the morning she spent a lot of time in her high chair. She was a slow eater and had her ipad.  

We watched Curious George and she'd say "George" and she'd also discuss things going on in the show. She lost interest after less than 10 minutes though. 

She was getting into trouble. She touched ornaments, disassembled ornaments, got a step stool to reach higher on the tree, moved the step stool to get food off the counter, and moved the step stool to climb up and put Poly's food into her water. 
She did do plenty of cute things. She wanted to tuck her doll into her crib to go to sleep. Then she climbed in to lie down with her. She even said bye to me. But 4 minutes later she said "nap over."

I didn't write about the rest of her day. But you can see a few things from the pictures. (Playing, eating, using my laptop)

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