Saturday, September 24, 2016

First Day Photos

At the hospital when Miles was 1 day old, they took some photos. He was actually 16 hours old at this point.  They provide 15 color images and those same 15 images in black and white. I kind of hate the lack of variety but not too bad for less than a half hour of taking photos. Then they come back with edited pictures a few hours later. I wasn't allowed out of bed so they had to do family photos in my bed.
If I already used a picture in a blog post, I didn't include it here.  I prefer color pictures so those were already used. I decided to include all 15 here so you can see them all together.
Last time they took photos for everyone and provided a free email slideshow to share with friends and family. They did not this time. It didn't even come with the purchased photos. 

Look at Ella's little hands holding his littler feet.

Ella also had First Day Photos taken. Since we were in the hospital longer they were taken later. They say babies sleep through these photo sessions but both Ella and Miles were awake during theirs.

Did you get First Day photos taken? Did you buy them? What did you think of the idea?


  1. Was the mark on his head from being born face up? I didn't get hospital photos but sometimes I wish I had.

    1. From the vacuum but I think thr little cut was from
      When the broke my water.