Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Miles always likes to help cook.

Miles is getting old enough that he plays with Ella and they just do such silly things together.

We thought it felt like a heat wave so we played outside.
The kids wanted to use the swing set. Too bad it was a swampy mess to get up there. (Miles is blending in with the snow in the picture.)
See how warm. 49 degrees. It says it felt like 42 but who knows. We were so used to super cold sot his felt warm.

I carried Miles up and helped hold Ella's hand so she didn't slide all over in the mud and we made it up. Then we had fun playing.

Ella is good at pushing Miles.

Then it was Ella's turn.
Miles was trying to foam roll.

Miles flipped his chair.

Miles loves playdough.

 Dinner. We weren't fans.

Bedtime selfies.

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