Saturday, March 3, 2018


Miles loves to shovel. No snow. No problem. Warm weather so no coat = even better. 

 Two shovels!

Miles has been feeding himself yogurt since Sam's club didn't have yogurt pouches. He'd rather feed himself yogurt than use a yogurt tube. But he turns the spoon and makes a mess down his bib. I usually grab a spoon and put that back in the container. 

 Miles was helping mop.
Miles woke up from nap and was extremely hot. He wanted to sleep longer but he was too warm. I guess warm weather + sleep sack + 3 blankets + clothes was too much for him. 

Salami, cream cheese, and crackers was a good snack.
More yogurt. 

 Before getting Ella, Miles and I did some cooking.
Miles wanted chicken nuggets. 

He was very sad that we were having other food and not chicken nuggets. 
Ella's sculptures from school. 

Miles had 2 plates of pasta. He had pasta with meat sauce in the big compartment and some with butter in the smaller compartments. He had seconds of both and thirds of the meat sauce pasta. 

Ella just had pasta with butter.
 Miles sat by Dave. Then Ella joined them. I tried to get a picture. It didn't go that well.

Finally I got one of Dave and Miles.

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