Friday, March 9, 2018


Miles is always helping do dishes. Too bad it makes it take 10x longer and I always have to clean up a mess. 
Miles likes this little table for playdough so we are always using playdough on it. 

Miles is cooking in his toy kitchen. He doesn't use this nearly as much as I had hoped. 
I was trying to be productive in the basement and look over and find Miles this high up the ladder!
Well, I was looking for something so I was digging through every single box. I guess that counts as being productive. (I did not find it!)
I got another picture before I took him down. 
In the boxes I was going through, I found Ella's old laptop. Miles pulled that right out and was playing with it. 
Miles briefly went in Ella's cardboard box house. 

Miles was in the corner and I went back to being productive. 

Leaving him alone to keep digging for stuff was a big mistake. He got to my watercolor crayons, he unwrapped a few, and he broke one. 

Apparently Poly needed a kleenex blanket. 
Climbing is always happening here. 

So I was snapping a few pics before I realized that Miles was about to dump the drink on Ella.  He got her a little bit!
I got 2 new hoodies at the mall! I got them at Athleta. They were more expensive than I'd want but I looked and looked and sleeve length is awful so I figured I'd get them!  One of the hoodies is actually a light jacket for outside but then my hoodie won't always be used once it gets a little warmer. 

Poly just let  Ella pick her up. I couldn't believe it. Then I was telling Ella how to better hold her.

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