Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Kids Say ... (September and October 2019)

These quotes are so fun to read later. Some of them I remember and some I already forgot so I'm glad I document them.

Talking to waiter at Outback
Waiter:and again my name is Charlie if you need anything
Miles: hi Charlie 

There was a kiddie pool at the party. I told the kids in the car on the way there. Miles thought I said "kitty pool" so then at the party Miles kept asking where the cat pool was.


Talking about how I don’t work
Ella: mommy doesn’t work because she didn’t sign up for it
(Like how she signs up for gymnastics )


I told Miles we would go to the park. I was nursing.  I got an appointment reminder. I forgot about doctor 
I go downstairs to tell Miles 

He says “yay I love the doctors”
This could have gone so much differently!

Trying to get Miles down. Liam wakes up. Get Liam back down. Go back to Miles’s room.  Sit down. Liam is crying 
Miles says “not again “
“Why doesn’t he want you to leave “

9/15 10:35 pm 

Miles: I can’t wait much longer.
Miles for everything with cough, doctor, and breathing treatment. He was quite sick and wheezing a lot.


Talking to miles about dinner. He asked “Is there enough for my friend Chloe?”
We were having Kielbasa 

I walk out from nursing Liam
Miles: Mommy, I have an important job for you.
Me: What?
Miles: Change my diaper


for some comedy: Dave asked Ella if she thought I was older or Miss Montgomery. Ella said Miss Montgomery because she is 22 (I think she's older than 22 because she's taught for 3 years but still she's younger)  SO I ask Miles "Who is older me or Ms. Dana?" he said "you" then I said who is older me or ms Sylvia. again he says me.  I think Ms Dana is close to 60 and Ms Sylvia has been teaching at LACP for 29 years so she's got to be older than me :)


I’m going to nurse then do you have to go potty before we go to school?
Miles: silly mommy. They have a potty at school. 

I asked Miles how he liked the Halloween party. he said "You were super super late. Why were you late?" I got there at 3:31 because i had to run back home and get something for a teacher.... but they were done. They said they'd start at 3:30


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