Sunday, May 22, 2011


I stayed up too late Saturday so I wanted to sleep in Sunday. Poly came to join me in the late morning but couldn't get comfy.  She was practically choking me with the pressure she was putting on my neck.
We tried to fix our toilet based on the youtube videos. It starts running all the time and just runs for a few seconds. (The tips/instructions did not help. Toilet still runs.)  Poly wanted in on the action. She hates to miss out on anything interesting.
We mowed. It was sprinkling now and then but still the best time to mow for the next week due to the constant rain.  Dave mowed about half the lawn and quit because he thought it was too hot and humid. I mowed the rest. While he mowed, I did other yard work.  We got to try out our new mower. It sure is nice. It actually seems like more work when mowing. I'm more exhausted when I'm done. I'm not sure why. It is easier. I like the key start. I like the ability to idle to pick something up. I like the ability to turn off the self-propelled without the mower stalling. I like that it can make it up the hillside to the upper yard.   This mower handle is a lot higher than the old one and see Dave's back is still a little arched.  When I mowed I thought the handle was too high. It has 3 settings so I'll just lower it next time.
We were productive. I still watched TV.  I never got dressed the entire day.  I also didn't workout. (I don't count mowing as a work out even though I did come inside all sweaty.)

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