Thursday, May 26, 2011

5.18 - Work, PT, Allergy Shot, Dinner, Socializing

Shirt: Loft
Pants: VS
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Earrings: Target
Let me just say I have never worn this color with khakis. I don't know why.  I love it. I think I get a WIN for matching on my own. I didn't even have to use my color wheels.  These pants have been missing the inside button for over a year. One of these days I should sew on a new button. Do you ever own things for years and never wear them together?  

I got to work early. Then I left to go to PT. Then I worked. Then I had am important meeting.  Then I left to get an allergy shot and go to Carino's for dinner.

I met my parents and brother for dinner. I went specifically for the Italian Chili. My mom mentioned how she was getting soup and salad versus just soup like I was going to get.  So I ordered soup and salad. My mom ordered the same. My dad and brother both got meals plus soup.  When the first round was delivered there were 3 Italian Chilis and 1 salad. Based on the dressing the salad was mine. The other 3 were Italian Chilis. Man was I sad. I wanted my soup to get more soups versus more salads eaten.    A few minutes later, I ask for my Chili.  Others at the table want refills too.  The waitress comes back with 3 soups + the salad for my mom.  The salad has tomatoes on it even though it shouldn't and the soup was not Italian Chili. I questioned the waitress and she brought the wrong kind and basically just told me to eat that instead. I told her I'd try it but to please just bring out some Chili for me.  My dad tries the soup and mentions it is spicy. I ask if I'll die from the spice. He says no. I am not sure if I should believe him or not so I take a little tiny bite. Man that soup was so spicy. I was dying.    So Timmy ate my bowl + his. I was there w/o food now.  I came just for the chili and so far didn't get any and also was sitting there foodless.  Sitting without food is a bad thing for someone who is the slowest eater.  The only thing going for me was that they just had a huge party so cooking the regular dinners was a little slow. I finally ended up with my Chili. I actually even got a 2nd bowl.  I think I got a 2nd salad too.  I ate a lot of bread.  The food was excellent when I actually got it but the service was just extremely slow.  The manager came over and offered to box up Timmy's leftovers.  About 10 minutes later we ask about them and finally learn he tossed them.   He said he'd have them make up a new order.  (Later, Timmy looked and saw that it was wrong. He didn't look in the to go container thing at the restaurant since it was one of those foil things and not just an easy pop open the lid thing.

It's a wonder I drive an hour to get to Carino's.  I love that place. They need more around, but sometimes the servers are no good. When I lived 15 minutes away, I used to get to know the servers names but now I only recognize some and don't know their names.

Dinner probably took an extra 45 minutes from our normal dinner duration. Of course this had to happen the day I was in a hurry to get back home since I was getting company from someone needing to kill time.

I got home and then Chad came over a few minutes later.  In that few minutes, I should have been cleaning up but I didn't. Oh well.  Chad hung out for probably 2.5 hours. In that time I learned a lot of 20 year old work gossip. I never hear gossip at work. I never talk to people at work.  I realized I learn what gossip I know from Chad even the gossip about people who work 10 ft from me and he works at a site an hour away.

After Chad left we watched American Idol. Man it sure takes a long time to watch a 2 hour episode. It ended way past my bed time. Once it was over, it was straight to bed.

There was no time to exercise with my busy schedule. :(
Poly is always getting comfortable with my stuff

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  1. Carino's is the worst restaurant. I thought that even before you wrote this.