Sunday, May 29, 2011

5.21 - outfits only

May 21 consisted of 3 outfits.
Outfit 1 = breakfast at the hotel
Outfit 2 = wedding
Outfit 3 = Mall/Wawa
1: Loft Tee, VS Yoga Pants, Brooks Shoes
2: Dress and Cardigan: Kohl's, Connie shoes via Famous Footwear, Target earrings
3: Express Jeans and shirt, Kohl's Cardigan, Brooks Shoes, Sears Necklace, Target Earrings
Note how the line down the center of me moved. The shirt is not two-tone; The sun is just coming in the window.  When I took the 2nd picture above, I was moving because of the sun making my shirt look like it has a stripe. I didn't even realize my reflection would be in the mirror.
My cardigan was not worn most of the time, but it just so happened that when I wore it is when pictures were taken. My shoes are weird in almost all pictures because the heels would sink into the ground.  I bought this dress about a week earlier. It is a little tight in the armpits. You can kind of tell in the photo. It is worse when I'm sitting because I slouch. The dress was about 20 bucks so I couldn't pass it up.

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  1. I loooove the dress! So gorgeous. The color is really great on you, and I love the asymmetrical seaming on the collar.