Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:01:36 AM - @BodyMedia I went to go check my DVR recording this morning but I don't have it. I guess I didn't set up the series recording :(
08:02:33 AM - @FashionMomma22 eek. don't know how you have the time for 4-6 hours for 1 let alone 5.
08:04:24 AM - @BodyMedia I guess all your tweets at them paid off to get someone to start wearing it.
09:42:52 AM - I look down and see my nice long nail broken :( http://t.co/JHbn7jH http://t.co/eBmBP6s
10:24:00 AM - I forgot I have to vote today. Now my day is messed up. Need to re-plan it.
10:47:07 AM - NICE! RT @BodyMediaFIT: @BodyMediaFIT on @DWTS? Check out this pic of Karina dancing away with her @BodyMediaFIT! http://ow.ly/i/bGdU
01:01:01 PM - The part of my nail that broke was 3/8". I measured it.
02:10:37 PM - @BodyMediaFIT I did tweet my calorie burn the other day. Didn't hashtag it as #BodyBurn though. Let me do that. don't have a recent outdoor1
02:35:43 PM - @BodyMediaFIT better than a twit pic. Many pictures. Proudly wearing my armband http://bit.ly/kmAxUj #BodyBurn
02:56:06 PM - @BodyMediaFIT I'll enter a more recent one later too just in case.
09:34:27 PM - I'm hungry. It is almost bedtime though.
09:47:32 PM - the neighbor's loud music is very annoying. I feel like it is a couple feet away.
10:42:57 PM - That Gossip Girl was nothing like I expected. Better. Hate that I have to wait all summer.
11:30:31 PM - wow One Tree Hill had 0 cliff hangers. I thought for sure it was a series finale... but it was not.
11:33:04 PM - Poly stops fighting me to play with her just when there is 1 min left in the show. Then she goes to my lap. Now I'm forced to watch more TV

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