Sunday, October 30, 2011


I've been really slacking at my pink but I actually wore it here.
Scarf (pashmina): Sears
Sweater and Jeans: Express
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline 11
I cleaned, worked a little (on my 9/80 day off), went to Giant Eagle, went to Target, went for a walk with dave, then went to volunteer with the RMHC.   I didn't think I had a lot planned but I went right from doing one thing to doing another. I even had some fun stuff I wanted to do but I didn't get to it.

While I was working for work, I was in bed and Poly was on my legs. She just sat there looking around for awhile but then she went to sleep.

In the middle of the night she found the Target bag that had my new headbands and she pulled all of them out. She brought some of them to us as we were waking up.

After I got home, we watched some TV. Then we watched baseball. I fell asleep during that.
For Ronald McDonald House Charity we cooked and served dinner for their Halloween Party.  The meal we prepared was spaghetti but we were creative with it.


  1. Thanks for cooking for a great cause! The families at Ronald McDonald House Charities really appreciated I bet!

  2. Cute scarf! I admire your volunteerism. I need to get back into it myself.

  3. Thanks Lo. I try to volunteer more. I see you do stuff with RMHC according to your blog.

    Thanks Julie. It helps that different organizations at work make it easy to volunteer.

  4. The end of this post reminded me of this: