Thursday, November 3, 2011


Skirt: Express
Shirt: Limited
Shirt (black) Express
Necklace: White House Black Market
Shoes: Mudd

Day 1 of my Color Rotation Challenge: Pink

I had to carpool with Dave since my oil life is at 0% and I needed to wait until November for a car inspection.  Well we got to work before 7am. That is early. I even had to turn the lights on in my area.

Then at lunch I did Body Pump because I couldn't do it after work or I would have been late for trick-or-treating.   I got to Body Pump a little early and since Kyle wasn't immediately visible I decided to try to run a mile before Pump. I just got it in.  Then after Pump I talked to Kyle and got tape for right below my knee.  After that I walked back to building 4 and finished Dave's walk with him.  I walked 25 minutes with him.   What a long lunch and quite a lot of working out.
We left work at 4:30, got home, got my car, and dropped it off at the dealer. Then we got back in just enough time to make some tuna and eat it before handing out candy. I was still hungry though so I wished I had a few more minutes.
We only got 55 kids this year.  Last year we got 65.  Yet again I didn't know what most of the costumes were.   It was cold and raining for the trick-or-treaters. Poly hung around while I gave out candy to the trick-or-treaters. She liked to look out the door or out the window. Once she got on my lap but then had to get up less than a minute later because kids were at the door.  At 7:30 or so she got to sit on me for a half hour. Good thing no kids came. Then it was 8 and she was still on me. I got Dave to come down to watch TV so then getting up was her idea. Do you dress up for Halloween? Do you recognize all the costumes?

After 8 we watched a little TV then I did yoga. I needed to get yoga in to make my October workouts goals. I didn't want 1 thing holding me back.  I used my computer a little after that to document all my working out and then I went to bed.

I was up past 11. I normally am up later than that but I usually don't get to work at 7 every day.  Nobody is at work early in the morning so I'd like to get in early but you get weird looks when you leave early even if you got in early and you always get calls and emails near the end of the day that force you to stay later anyway.

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