Thursday, November 3, 2011


Day 2: Red  (you can join Color Rotation anytime. It makes getting dressed fun.)
Shirt: NY&Co
Sweater: Express
Pants: Gap
Shoes: JCP
Necklace: NY&Co

The shirt is for red not the shoes!   I layered up since Monday was so cold and it was 53 degrees in the afternoon. I guess I need to pay better attention to the weather.  All these after work pictures have my hair looking like crap. I guess I should brush it first.  Also my camera remote isn't working. It is very annoying. I got too used to it.

I got to work at 7am. I left work around 5. Then we headed to pick up my car. Got home, changed, and went to go to the track to run, ran a measly 2 miles, walked 1 lap, then left. We got home and ordered pizza. Watched TV. Didn't do much. Was pretty tired.

During my run, I didn't run slow. I ran 2 miles in ~16:40 (approximate because I didn't type my numbers yet)  My best lap was lap 5 at 1:57. Laps 1 through 5 were constantly improving but I was still running with a limp.  I decided my calf/leg would just get worse so I would take it easy and not injure myself worse. I still don't know what was wrong.  Later on in the evening I tried to walk holding Poly and I couldn't handle it. The extra weight of a little cat made it bad.  I didn't take any medicine or anything.  When I was in bed trying to go to sleep I thought of getting ice because my left calf/shin hurt and my right foot hurt. I was too lazy to get ice though so I didn't.

I did run 3 out of 4 days. I also didn't take a rest day on Monday like I should have. Perhaps it is all adding up. Perhaps all the pain is all in my head because I'm worrying about the marathon. Perhaps it is something real and I think it is all in my head and then I'll end up with an injury.


  1. Those shoes are so fun, even if they weren't your red! I like them!

  2. Well I just wasn't counting the shoes as my red because I don't count shoes and then I get to wear them again if I want to. Thanks for the compliment though.

  3. I saw this on Pinterest, and thought of you.

  4. I've seen the shirt as a skirt thing before but just don't see it working.

  5. Just found your blog, love your style colleen! I wore something just like this (Express Sweater and NYC shirt) today but I left the shirt untucked due to my sweater riding up on me. The shoes are adorable!

    Thanks, Kim :)

  6. Thanks Kim. I'll actually say that my shirt wasn't tucked in it just wasn't peeking out in these pictures because I pulled my sweater flat. Most of the day there was about an inch sticking out at the bottom.

    Glad you stopped by and glad you commented.