Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Color Rotation Challenge

It's Color Rotation Challenge time again.  I did it in October of 2010 and March-April 2011. It all started because I noticed I would wear the same colors all the time or go a few days in a row wearing one color and then move onto the next color for a few days.

The Rules are simple but I also have an entire post about it last March.
The Rules: 
  1. Rotate colors in your closet (1, 2, or 3 times) 
  2. Don't repeat the specific articles of clothing.
  1. Wear a wide variety of clothes in your closet 
  2. Wear a variety of colors in your closet.
    I will be using the same rotation that I did in March. I will also skip days that I stay in my pajamas all day or days that I stay in my workout clothes all day. If a holiday fits in or something I may swap a color.

    Things it helps with
    1. Ruts: It helps you stay out of ruts you can get in when getting dressed.
    2. Speed: Focusing on a particular color decreases the amount of time it takes to pick out your clothes for the day.
    3. Veterans: Having to rotate helps you break out some veteran items from your closet.
    4. Accountability and Accomplishment: If you say you will do a challenge, you follow through and feel accomplished at the end.
    5. Remixing: It helps you remix items better so that you don't wear your favorite cardigan on the day of the color or else it would be out of your rotation for the rest of the challenge. 

    Join me in Color Rotation Challenge.  Last time there were 7 of us that participated. I'm hoping for more this time.

    Please comment if you sign up because I'm not sure if the link up is working.

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