Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3.64 in the Dark (11.29.11)

Jen and I ran and since it gets dark so early and I could not find my headlamp, we went to the track.

We were expecting cold rain but we lucked out and didn't have to run in the rain.

The first lap was pretty fast (2:02) and my calf was just getting loosened up. After lap 1, we stretched and that helped my calf a bit after that. It still wasn't perfect but wasn't bad enough to stop or complain.

I ran in lane 4 and Jen ran in lane 3. We ran 400, stretched, then repeated running 400 and walking 200.

After we were done we talked a long time in the parking lot in the cold and figured we should have just kept walking to get more miles in.

The workout was more of a struggle on the runs then the walks were easy. Maybe it was the calf, all the talking, the fact that I was in an outer lane, trying to handle looking at my watch in the dark, or all of the above that made it more of a struggle.

I always find how the Garmin shows a track to be funny. 1 lap always is way off. All the rest should be over top of each other and they aren't. 
I let the Garmin take laps every .25 but after the fact thought I could have actually manually hit lap at each start and end to the run so I had a good split for the run instead of sometimes the run being spanned over 2 different splits.

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