Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8.1 - Whole Foods

Top: Limited, Shorts: Unionbay (probably 10 years old. Who knows what store), Sandals: Kohl's
I finally got out my good camera. I was testing the remote. Things didn't work right but at least it's a start. I miss the clarity in the pictures.  Using a timer on my point and shoot was no good especially when it would focus on something in the background and then I'd jump over into the shot and not be in focus at all.
I woke up at a decent hour but Poly was at the foot of my bead so I decided to get my laptop and just chill there for awhile. And I did until the Gypsy moth inspector guy called. He would show up between 10 and 10:30.  I got dressed and used my computer until he showed up.  After 11:30, he left.  It was a little ordeal since the contractors were storing our grill and we had some outdoor stuff at storage.  We went to all the places and got it taken care of finally.  I was sick of playing phone tag with this guy.

I got back, used my computer a little and was fed up how late it was.  Then at 1:30, I finally decided to eat lunch.  I ate. Then I napped.... for 2 hours. It wasn't a solid sleep because the contractors were outside making loud noises.  Their saw was super annoying. Also this car alarm went off every 10 minutes or so. The honking horn drove me up a wall.
I woke up and decided to play in photoshop.  Then Dave is headed home. I'm supposed to meet him.  We head to dinner then to Target.  The mexican food was spicier this time so I gave half of what I ordered to Dave.
We got home, used the computer for a little... not long because I STILL didn't finish doing the one photoshop tutorial.  Then we headed to Whole Foods. We went up and down every aisle. We bought food for me to cook. We also spent $61. Dave bought milk in glass. I have no idea why. He wanted to try it. It's expensive.

We got home and watched TV until Dave went to bed and I went to finish that photoshop tutorial. Well my computer had shut down in that time. I bet it was a windows update. And I LOST my photoshopped file. I had never once saved it!  I had to redo it all. I wasn't as thorough the 2nd time.

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