Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Garmin Watches 110 versus 405

I have had the Garmin 110 and the Garmin 405.  The 405 is newer.
The 110 fit my wrist better. 
 It wasn't as rigid in it's predefined curve. That curve is too big for my rest so there is a lot of back and forth movement.  The band has the same notches but here one is too big and one is too tight.  No matter what there is still some sliding but the top and bottom of my wrist might also be slightly smashed at the time.    The 110 band also fits my husband's larger wrist better.
The 110 is more readable while running.
I have my Garmin show me splits every .25 and the font is slightly larger with the 110 and also more readable. In addition to fond size the 405 numbers are more curvier while the 110 has distinct squared off numbers like an old alarm clock. While running the 110 was so much easier to read. I think I have pretty good eyes always reading the bottom line at the eye doctor and I have trouble.  I will have to stare longer each time I'm looking and sometimes stop my arm movement because I couldn't even read it in a short time. In the picture above, the light is on for the 405 so ti is deceivingly easy to read. Also we are just sitting here versus moving while running.  I was in fact moving when I took the picture while wearing the 110 but only walking.
The 110 seems to get better readings while at a track.
The 405 has a lot more straighter paths and seems like it picked up my location less frequently and had straight lines connecting them instead of any sort of curve.  The 110

The 405 has more settings and you can customize what fields show up.
But then I just set the 405 to show the exact things the 110 showed me. So that isn't better for me.

The 405 tells you how accurate the satellites are when locating them.
I love that the 405 tells you how many feet the satellites are accurate to so I know to wait a little or if I don't care then I will start with them 50 ft accurate.  I tend to like to wait until 17 ft accurate though.

The 405 allows you to save a location and it will tell you how to get back there later. 
I've never used this but I do picture that it will come in handy.

The 405 tells you your battery life percentage and I love that. I love knowing if I didn't have it charged if it is at 10% or 80%. I always assume 10 but it is usually 80.
The 405 has a virtual partner.  I sometimes set this up but rarely use it. Since I play bonus seconds in my head, I usually don't need it. Sometimes I look at it to see how far off my math in my head is.

I will say that customer service is good for Garmin. I had issues acquiring satellites and calling them helped.

What Garmin watches do you have or have you had? What do you think about them?  What feature does yours have that you love or what feature do you wish yours has?  What feature does yours have but you didn't use at first and now you love it?


  1. The 405 doesn't fit my arm either. It's either too loose or too tight. That's probably my biggest complaint about it but I love the watch otherwise.

    1. looking at the watch the top and bottom neer fit right. there is a huge gap. then I can can make the watch tight and it'll hurt but still can slide around top to bottom. The 110 is so much better. I forgot how much until I had to use it recently. Also the font on the watch wouldn't have seemed so bad on the 405 if I didn't know about how much clearer the 110 is.