Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I've posted previously about my work emails and the associated graphs.

Now here are some graphs related to my gmail.
Now joblessness does not mean I get fewer emails, it just meant I worked harder to get them taken care of.
My goal is 0 in my inbox and 0 unread.  Recently I read Empty your Inbox with the Trusted Trio and have been trying to work on that. He uses Archive, Hold, and Follow-Up folders. With gmail you don't need an archive folder and can just archive. I have started using Hold and Follow-up. Granted I still use a few other labels like a pictures label.  I also revamped my inbox to show multiple inboxes and have it show my Hold and Follow-up folders.   I'm hoping this method will work well but only time will tell.

I have/had quite the backlog to go through so I can't tell if it works until I go through it all.

How do you manage your inboxes? Do you use different methods at home and at work?

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