Thursday, August 16, 2012


Shirt: NY&Co, Shorts: AE
It wasn't until 3/4 of the way through the day that I realized I was wearing my running shoes and not normal shoes.

My days are all blending today. I can't believe I haven't been working for almost 2.5 months or that I've been in California for almost 2 months.
We gave Poly a bath today.  She did not like it. At least the tub has the shower doors versus a curtain rod.  She mainly stood in the corner and I dumped water on her and scrubbed her up there.

Dave and I went out to lunch. I finally mailed in my garmin. It'll probably be 2 weeks before I get a replacement. They have to receive mine then mail a refurbished one.  I had mine ready to go for a few days but never went to the Post Office.
We went to Pot Sticker King for lunch.  We were the only white people in the place.  All the table settings just had chopsticks on the tables but when the waitress brought us our appetizer plates, she brought us forks.  I looked around and none of the other tables had forks. I'm so glad she gave us them.  I got some sort of chicken and it was spicy. The vegetables that came with it were even worse though. I about died when I ate the carrots.

We went to Whole Foods on our way home.   We only bought maybe 1/3 of the shopping list.  We had to go there for the ground meat.

We carried our patio table upstairs. We still have to put it together. I wonder how to do that. My dad put it together the first time and the driver took it apart when we moved.

I snacked and watched the season finale of Unforgettable.  Then I went to read and about 3 pages into it, I fell asleep. I was sitting up in the chair too. I woke up and still had my finger pointed to right where I left off.
Dave woke me up to cook the meatballs. We did that. They didn't turn out as well as last time. They were quite airy. I'm not sure what happened there.  They also lacked some flavor.  They were still better than any meatballs we had around here. (well besides the ones at BJs but those are mini and those aren't in a red sauce.)
We watched Master Chef then Newsroom.  Dave went to sleep and I started reading my SQL book. I was doing some of the examples from the last chapter since I was reading in the other room and didn't do them. I also took facebook, gmail, and internet reading breaks.   Around 3 AM I figured I better go to sleep or I'd end up continuing the cycle of nap, stay up late, wake up a normal time, repeat.


  1. Colleen,
    My last day at work was 4 May. So I'm right there with you. Question for you, how offen do you change your running shoes?

    1. I'd say in the past 300-350 miles. Now. Who knows. Haven't kept track and going to wear these for awhile...until I get a job.

  2. Those first two photos of you are really neat with the lighting. I also love your new simplified banner. Very nice!

    1. Thanks. I thought they were crappy because the light was so harsh. I had to brighten it too so you could even make out my face. It wasn't the best time of day.

      Also thanks about the banner!