Tuesday, August 14, 2012

8.14 - Monochromatic

Skirt: Athleta (purchased the long version and wish I hadn't), Shirt: Loft, Necklace: F21, Sandals: Target

Before I went to sleep, I checked out EBEW and realized that it was the day to upload something. What were the chances.  So I saw the theme and went to sleep.  Then I woke up and knew I had to get dressed to fit the theme.  This is what I chose.  I would have never put them together if it weren't for EBEW.
I decided to try to take some pictures outside.  I tried my balcony but those failed. So I went outside. All the good shade spots were taken by the contractors so I walked to another spot. I saw a ton of people while I was out.  My remote only works 10% of the time.   It was just all around awfulness when trying to get the pictures.  I still got a few but I took 10x more than I normally take when I'm trying to take a ton and lately I've been taking 2 since I'm not showing off a fancy outfit.

Daily Details:
I woke up. I read some SQL. I read some facebook. I read some emails.  I wasn't that nervous.

I had my interview.

I had a frozen dinner for lunch and watched some TV.  Then I went to take the pictures above.

I went to Target then Safeway.  I had a weird encounter walking into Safeway. I'm walking to the entrance from my car and a guy in an SUV stops and yells "my GOD you are beautiful" and then apologizes for scaring me. Then talks more. He said "I know you aren't from around here. Where are you originally from?" (I want to know how he knew I wasn't from around here.) He asked where I worked. I said I was looking for a job. He asked what kind of work I do. He asked if I found a nice place to live. And I'm pretty sure he asked a lot of other questions to which I'd just shrug. His name is Tom.

As soon as I got in Safeway, I decided to email that story to Dave. Then after that I am walking and just pulling out my list and an employee goes way out of his way to ask if I need help finding anything.  Then he said if I ever need help to let him know.

I was carrying 4 big canvas bags food of groceries and decide to check the mail. We have tons of mail + 2 packages. That was fun to carry up. I wish someone could have gotten a picture of it.  I used my face to hold the top of the package.

I picked Dave up at work. We went to Carl Jr's for a pre-dinner. Then we went to Bay Trail so Dave could take some pictures of me running.  The sun was awful so we didn't get that many.  I'm having to change the curves in Photoshop to make it so my legs are insanely pale with the sun reflecting off of them.

I then spent 3 hours editing them and messing around in photoshop. I put a few online.

Monochromatic | Everybody, Everywear


  1. Why don't you wish you hadn't gotten the long one?

    1. I'm confused by what you mean. I even reread the post.

  2. I was asking about the skirt. You had said you purchased the long version and wish you hadn't. Also I can relate about being unemployed. I've been finding things to do around the house until I can start working again.

    1. Oh I see now. The other one was 2 inches shorter and it would have hit at the knee better. This one I tried to wear a little high and you can see too much of the overlap from the shirt at the wast and it still hits slightly below the knee. I prefer a skirt right above the knee.

    2. Ok, I follow you. Heck, still looks nice.

  3. I love these shades of purple together. So pretty. Great outfit! :)

    -Mary @ stylethatmoves.blogspot.com