Monday, August 27, 2012


I basically tore apart the house trying to find my old camera. You know what... it was in the first place I looked. I need to quit doing this.  The camera was right there in the drawer that I thought it was in. I don't know how I missed it when I looked the first time.  I went through every bin or box in the apartment and left them in all the wrong places.

On an interesting note, my old camera will work with the battery my new camera says is dead.  The Eye-Fi card will work in my old camera and it doesn't even overheat.  Therefore I guess it is the camera that is broken and not the memory card and it was just a coincidence that the camera broke when I used the new memory card.  But the new memory card does overheat my new camera more than other memory cards do.  My "new" camera is 11 months old but since I have multiple cameras, that's what I called it.
I tried to take out the trash and take some stuff down to the dumpster but they were busy painting. The only reason the plastic was already torn to come in our apartment was because the maintenance guys came in to fix the air conditioner.  They were double checking ground wires on a bunch of units.  Then they had to test out the a/c before they left.  They commented how cool our apartment is compared to every other one they were in that day. Ours was a few degrees cooler.  I knew it was cold in our place. It was even warmer than most days because I was too cold so I closed the windows early to stop the cross flow.
I ate leftovers for lunch and dinner but also made grilled turkey and cheese for dinner. I finished my SQL book. I organized the closet a little bit. Nothing that exciting.

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