Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dev Bootcamp Week 2 Day 2

We started out the day with a short lecture on instance methods and modules. Then we worked  about an hour.

Then we had another Engineering Empathy (EE) session.  We talked about our inner critique or super ego. Our super ego can come at us with a direct attack or a comparison.  Anyone under attack from their super ego should notice that they are under attack (recognize), name what the attack is (ex: you're stupid), then get help from a peer, significant other, or teacher about why there is this attack. Use compassion, humor, and anger to work with your super ego.

Immediately after that was yoga.  That gave us about 10 minutes to eat!

We did some solo exercises then got back into our pairs.

At 5 we met back up and discussed Inheritance again. Most of which we had to use a few hours earlier and we didn't have the lecture on it took way longer to look up.  Here we talked about how you call super to refer to the class inheritance class.  If you don't have any new things to initialize you wouldn't need it but say you wanted to initialize a new variable then you should have super listed before the new variables.
For example.
The super refers to the rest of initialize in the Animal class.

Note order of classes matter and the super classes have to be above the subclasses.

Since I didn't have to take the train home, I got to stay late so I'm still here and typing this at 10 PM. I would normally be home. We'll see how the night goes sleeping in a different place. I'll have a half hour travel time via BART. I'm scared! Then who knows when I'll get here in the morning.

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