Friday, July 19, 2013

Maternity Clothes (Asos and Old Navy)

Here's what arrived in the mail Tuesday.
The blue pants were in 2 sizes and the smaller size wouldn't fit up my lower leg.

The red shirt from Asos is huge but would be better when I'm bigger I guess.
The yellow tank from Asos is tighter at the hips. Almost too tight. But has room to grow in the gut.
The cardigan will fit better when I get bigger.
Same with the weird shirt on the bottom right.
The striped shirt (top left) is a medium but it was ok enough to wear.

(The gray pants are my yoga pants that I already owned. Same with the teal shirt in the 1 pic)

So far out of 3 maternity jeans 2 stretched out to being huge. It's weird that the cobalt ones did not since they are from the same place as the coral ones.

Oh those coral jeans are trouble because I think they are pink or peach or coral depending on the lighting so I don't know how to match them. I actually think they are coral the least.

(I apologize if this makes no sense. I at least tried to get rid of things underlined in red.


  1. I like the coral pants! Just pair them with black, white, grey, etc. Then you don't have to worry about matching. The striped shirt is cute. I think once you're bigger you'll look even better in most of these things.

  2. The only gray shirt i have is gray and black stripes and it just doesn't ever look like it matches anything.
    also i don't think light grays would go with it at all.

    My trouble now is my old pants fit but with a belly band but we have to sit on the floor a lot and get up and down a lot and i can't really chance that with almost fitting pants. so i'm so limited in pants. and some shirts look dumb from before or aren't long enough.