Friday, December 20, 2013

More Onesies (DIY)

I'm addicted to making them. I wrote a post before about how I made onesies.

Created Dec 11-12 (except future nerd, rebel, and superman which were created earlier but were not in photos)

The photos are taken by size but sometimes 2 sizes are in one photo. I like knowing what size is what so when I have to pull out a new size in the future. I tend to group them together after washing them too.

Created Dec 15-17

some close-ups of some from above
how I created it
I have washed half of these so far and have a few more updates.

Some of the sharpie onesies bled all over the onesie but others did not. The ones that bled a lot were iBaby and #baby. The google one only bled for the yellow. The pocket tee, elephant, jail, and abcd were also done in sharpie and I don't remember them bleeding at all.   I did create the "My mom is a nerd" and did not wash it yet and now I'm worried it will get ruined. I tried to set it with the iron so maybe that will help.

I also did a few of these with iron-on transfers. It took me forever to break down and order the transfers and then my ink was dried up. I didn't even realize we had an inkjet printer. Then it took a few more days for the ink to arrive since I ordered it online. For the most part, iron-on transfers are really easy but if you peel off the backing too early you ruin the shirt. Make sure you pay attention to which side to print on. I read a lot of people saying they would print on the wrong side and ruin the iron. I only bought iron-on transfers that work on white shirts. They also sell them for light colored fabrics or dark fabrics but it was too hard to decide and they got more expensive.  I tended to print in black but only because that is what the fonts should have been. I only washed 1 iron-on shirt so far and it did crack a little bit with the ribbing but not much. The paint tends to crack a little too.

I actually have a few onesies started but not finished. For example I have a lightening bolt painted but have not painted on the words "Muggle Born" yet. I should probably at least finish ones I started but this is really hogging up my life.

Some of these I like more than others. Some I just like the idea of them better. I tend to realize I like ones that I created versus ones that I copied something a lot more. The Run Mom Run ones use my own silhouette and I also came up with the words. I saw one that had the words "Run like a girl" over a silhouette but I didn't like that.  "Nerd in training" using the Nintendo font and their idea of an oval. I created that but did see something else use the Nintendo oval and font so it wasn't 100% me. It just wasn't for a onesie like that. "My mom is a nerd" uses the google font or one very similar and the google colors. I came up with doing that on my own. I thought it was a little nerdy. Granted I did it on a white shirt thinking I could see through the onesie but once I started the M, I could not. So I pulled up the font on my computer and went from there.  I feel like you can see through until you start pushing in one area and then it doesn't work. Brenna didn't seem to have trouble so maybe I'm just blind or did it in poor lighting.  Dave helped pick out the points for the "Level 1 Human" onesie when Brenna was working on that.  Dave came up with the wording for "My dad has root at Google" but then after I made it he said the Google line is too close to the line above it. I used what he had when I made him work on a google doc to edit some stuff. Like he changed the font of the word "root" and he wanted the word Google in black not in their google colors. I would have preferred the google colors myself.  The shirt might be less boring with some color.
Ok I finished some of the designs I had so I made some more.  The to-do list is green but it's hard to tell in this picture. Nerd in training was made above but it was still wet so I forgot and included it  in my photo.  I really should count all the onesies I have. I should count per size and brand too.  The 3-6 month yellow onesies is the exact same size as the 6-9 month black and gray onesies. Disney is weird like that. Sometimes I think the 0-3 month ones are bigger than some of the 3-6 month ones.  The Gerber onesies are a lot narrower and longer than Disney. Leveret (light pink ones and some white ones) are very wide and not nearly as long.  I wonder which ones will end up being the style we like the best.

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