Friday, July 11, 2014

6.12 - Professional Photos

Lisa took pictures of Ella again. Lisa wanted to do it saying that Ella is so cute. I can't argue with that. She came up with the themes. She even bought dresses and headbands for Ella to wear.  I'm not a big fan of themes because I feel like the pictures only work for certain types of years but that's just me. The pictures were free so I went with it. I was bummed I wasn't in any. Also she told me to send her my pinterest of photo ideas and I did a few times and specifically talked about some poses I had and we didn't do any. I also suggested moving to the grass but we never did until the very end after Ella did a face plant on the cement.
Ella was able to sit but wasn't a perfect sitter yet so I had to be close to her. This was more difficult to get pictures. I couldn't stand behind Lisa to get Ella to smile. I had to be right off to her edge. At one point Lisa started to talk to me to try to get me to do something and that's when all of a sudden I hear a thud and Ella fell and hit her head right off the cement. Poor Ella cried. Right after the crying is when we went to the grass for pictures.

Well the pictures in the grass took about 3 min total and most of the ones I like are from that 3 minutes and not from the previous hour and a half. Lisa edited 12 photos. I had asked and she took about 200 pictures.
The white afghan in the photos is the one I made for Ella. Lisa mentioned how well it photographs. I already knew that.
We tried a few basket poses but Ella just kept standing up from the seated position in the basket. She recently learned to go from sitting to standing so she kept trying to do it. The basket was little for how tall Ella is. At least we got a picture.
I went to the car and got my bean bag to help get some more pictures. It made it so I didn't have to stand so close to Ella and then we got some nice ones.  I always wish Dave was there because he can make her smile so much more.
I got Lisa to share a lot of the pictures she took with me. They were unedited. I did a little editing and if you want you can view them. If you look, you will notice there might be 3 in a row of the same photo and that is because I did some editing.  Let me know which pictures you like the best.

Last we did the 4th of July theme. I liked dress a lot but it was big. Lisa made the E for Ella. Too bad Ella just wanted to eat it the entire time.
Ella did a much better job sitting in the grass. It was uneven grass with big roots and she still did wonderfully.
Two of the headbands worn were made by Sherry. Lisa brought a ton but ended up liking Sherry's better. I always like Sherry's but I really did enjoy seeing other ones to know that the quality really is better.
What do you think?


  1. These are so cute! That's too bad she hit her head, though. Seeing her with her E reminded me of Parker's 6 month pictures with his P. He tried to eat it, too. But I didn't include those pictures.

    1. Ella tried to eat it the entire time except a couple seconds when I'd tell it out and tell her not to eat it. That lasted like 2 seconds but sometimes Lisa was ready and got a pic.

  2. Aw I love these even though they are "themed". I think sometimes that's nice though. Too bad you didn't have some of the props so you could wait 6 months or a year and do the same pictures, and then see how much she's grown and changed.

    1. I could come up with my own props and do similar things.