Monday, September 28, 2015


Ella loves spending time with Daddy in bed. She even brought her pillow in for them to share.

Her pigtails are getting so long.
We went for a run.
Ella is cleaning.
Ella was doing her own shopping at Frye's.
Dave tried some hats on Ella and I think this is why she bought the hat that she did (weeks later).

Tired Ella!

We went swimming briefly at Beth's/Gio's.  Ella loves the pool.  Gio can dive for things at the bottom of the pool. I'm impressed with his skills.

Then Gio and Ella have to play around like nuts.

Ella has a tiny toddler bed. She thinks there is enough room for all 3 of us in it.  Only my head is in it. Dave's upper body is in it. She loves it!


  1. Ella in the cage is funny. She's so cute!

    1. These nuts always go in that dog cage every time.