Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I woke up and saw Dave walking in the bedroom. I was surprised to see him up before me. I turned and saw the clock. It said 9:09. I asked him if that time was right. He said it was and not to worry he just checked the logs and Ella is in fact alive.  I can't even believe how late she slept in.

She woke up just a few minutes later.

She was so pleasant. I couldn't even believe this was our daughter.

We hung out and played and ate and played and the usual. She was getting into a lot of stuff.

I tried to get her to nap at 2:30 but she was awake in her crib a long time.  Then at 3:10 I hear here saying uh oh. I go in and she had peed. She wasn't crying. She had said uh oh a few minutes earlier too.

Ella didn't nap until 5:20 and napped less than an hour.

Ella went to sleep at 9:08 for the night.

Overall the day was awful. Ella had about a million accidents. (OK 13 accidents) She only made it into the potty one time at night. She even had huge puddle accidents and not just wet panties. She was a huge whiner all day. It was just pure misery.  I hear this might have happened because we kept her out too late on the 4th and ruined her routine.

OH and Ella peed on me!


  1. At least you got to sleep in. 13 accidents is a lot. I would have put her in a pull up or gone insane. I don't know how you do it.

    1. I thought she'd snap out of it. Nowadays I put her in pullups more if she's annoying me. and "annoying me" only equals 1 accident. haha.