Thursday, September 3, 2015


Ella slept in!  Dave actually woke her up at 8:20. She loved hanging out with him. She didn't even cry to not be nursing.

We took Dave to work after hanging out for a bit. Ella gets sad as soon as the parking lot gets into view.  Dave always gets out but then opens Ella's door to say bye to her.  Well she actually said "Don't go" this time!  Then she got such a sad face.  As soon as Dave closed the door and left, she started crying. It was so sad.

We went swimming. It was a meetup. We went a little late on purpose because we didn't have swim diapers and had to borrow some.  Ella had such a blast swimming. At first she was glued to me. Then she started to move around a little more. She would kick. She'd say "kick kick kick."  She even dunked her head and had fun with that.  She sat on the steps or walked and stood. She kicked while sitting on the steps. She was sad when we had to leave and kept wanting to swim more. We were in the pool about 1.5 hours.  There were maybe 9 moms there. I knew one pretty well and met 2 other moms one other time.  They all seemed to know each other more but I tried to talk to some of them.

She was tired and wanted a nap earlier than normal.  She didn't fall asleep any earlier though. She was awake in her crib a bit.

Ella woke up before 4.  After a little bit we went to Gio's and hung out with Lily.  Ella was in a hammock. She was unsure and didn't move a muscle. This is the 2nd one she's been in (at least) and I've never been in a hammock myself.
 I was there until 5:45. I cooked dinner.  It was tough to cook. Ella made me hold her. Poly kept trying to eat it too.

I picked Dave up when it was in the oven.

Ella ate some but not a lot. She even ate some bites with hot sauce on it like Dave does.

Dave and Ella had chips and salsa for dessert.

I hung out with Ella in her toddler bed for quite awhile before bedtime. Then she was only awake in her crib 10 minutes.

I played on my computer after. I meant to blog but never got to it. I'm way too addicted to facebook.


  1. Sounds like fun at the pool. So sad about her crying when Dave left.

    1. She hasn't been quite that sad since.

      We've gone to the pool a few times and Ella loves it so much.