Friday, September 25, 2015


Ella woke up near 7 but then she seemed to go back to sleep. I went back to sleep for about 15 minutes.  When I woke up, I saw her just playing in her crib.  This was so nice.

We drove Dave to work.  Then went for a run at 9:20.

That was all good!  Ella enjoyed running around in the driveway after the run.

Then after we went inside it all went downhill. She was awful.  There were temper tantrums.  She wouldn't eat right. She wouldn't play. I tried to clean up and putting something away caused a chain reaction and a glass and one of my favorite plastic jugs broke.  I even gave Ella chocolate while I cleaned up but she still was not happy.

Ella peed quite a few times just wherever she was. I had had enough so I put her in a pullup. Well sure enough once she wears the pullup she signs to go potty and actually goes potty. She's weird. She's having so many accidents lately. I don't get it.  She definitely did not want to wear the pullup but I didn't want to clean up anymore.

Finally near 1:30 I got her to sleep. Then I was finally able to eat lunch.

I was trying to clean up all morning so that probably made Ella more difficult. She wants my undivided attention.

During nap I was able to eat and clean. Then Brenna was over for the stampin' up class. She had to leave early and didn't get to finish. She was also late. We would have finished if she wasn't late.   Minutes after she left, Ella woke up.  Ella was playing in her crib after for about 20 minutes before I went in.  She was pretty pleasant after nap. We called my mom on a hangout. We talked a bit. Ella ate. Ella got so messy from fruit. The fruit was frozen that I ran under water to thaw a bit. Ella loved it but that water made it messier.  I gave her a quick bath and then we had company. Brenna finished her last card and hung out with Ella for a little. Ella was afraid of Dan. She is afraid of men lately.

We ordered pizza for dinner and kind of hung out until then.

After dinner, Dave was working and Ella was funny getting in his way.   We started bedtime routine at 8:15 but I ended up staying in Ella's room until 9:30. We were in her toddler bed for a bit. She kept bringing me stuff. Pretty soon I was buried. Then she took the pillow out from under my head and threw it on top. She climbed up and stood on the bed then she'd lift the pillow and say "boo."  I managed to text Dave to come check it out while I was still all covered up.  When Ella doesn't want to go to bed she sure is nice to me. She tries to coax me to lie down. She also will give me hug or kiss when I ask for one.  At the start of her stalling but before hanging out in bed she signed to use the potty and went then I asked if she was done and she said no and then went more. Every now and then she surprises me and does the right thing.  She has so many accidents or what feels like so many anymore.

It was 9:40 before Ella was asleep. Then I went to Safeway and bought fruit. I made fruit skewers for the social for the meetup group. That took an hour. I'm shocked how long it took to make 35 skewers. Before I knew it, it was pretty late. I did use my computer for a few minutes.

Accidental matching


  1. I like the accidental matching. Parker still doesn't like men, or most strangers.

    1. oh man. I was hoping Ella would get better. Ella was afraid of her gymnastics instructor

    2. She might. Parker's always been shy around adults. Even his own grandparents sometimes. But he's super outgoing toward other kids.

    3. If she meets adults with kids then the adults are OK in her book. If the adults are female and talk to her then she's practically in love.