Monday, September 28, 2015

August 16-31 Outfits

8/16, 8/19, 8/20, 8/22 (Ella is in 8/20 outfit)
 No repeats in this collage. Yay.
 I rarely wear these shorts. I need to be braver and wear them more.
8/24, 8/27/ 8/28, 8/30, 8/31
It looks like I wore the same top 2 days in a row but really I am missing a day of my daily picture. 4 different shorts out of 5 pictures. Not bad.


  1. More pictures, good job! I like the 8/23 outfit, and the necklace on 8/16.

    1. Oh I forgot to say how that's a new necklace I got from Stella and Dot.

      I think that might be the first time I wore the orange and white. It's been forever so I cant tell.