Tuesday, September 8, 2015


 I watched Lily for a few hours and took a few hundred pictures during that time.

I used my telephoto lens again and was pretty far away in the yard. These girls play way better when adults aren't hovering. When we are close, they don't seem to get along. It's weird.

Ella decided to show Lily her ipad. I only let it last a few minutes since I know Lily doesn't get screen time at home.
Since it was new to Lily she was taking it all in!  Ella put on some videos for her.

Feeding them tacos was a bad idea. Ella was mad about it all and threw a taco at my head. I had lettuce in my hair minutes later.

They like to "read" all the time.

 Ella climbed in on her own. She needed to know what the book looked like Gio was reading to Lily.
This was in the middle of the afternoon. So I guess Dave came home from work sick. 

Ella wouldn't nap at home. Then I resorted to a ride near 4:30.  She fell right to sleep. I didn't even get on 101 yet but I drove anyway and got Wendy's.


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    1. I Feel like we had it for a month or more before this point but hadn't really used it. A neighbor asked us if we needed sand or a sand box and i said we needed sand for our box. but then she mentioned how it was fancy non cancer causing sand and when I saw it I thought there was no way we could put it in with our sand because it was too nice. So then we got the box too.