Saturday, September 26, 2015


One of the mom meetups I'm part of had a summer social.  It was a bit of a fiasco setting up since they didn't account for how they would fill the pools with water. Ella had a blast. She was there the longest of any kid.  She played in the water. She also did some art projects. 

I asked someone else to take a picture of Ella doing her art project since I had to be there to help.

In addition to the E and hand prints, she also decorated a water bottle.  She didn't do the art project that was decorating a visor.

We got home and she ate more fruit.

Sorry pictures were out of order. I wonder how every single time I get pictures from other people's cameras the dates are off. I found it doubtful that nobody has their camera set to the appropriate date.


  1. Loving the pigtails, as always. And I like that you got to be in some pictures. You should ask another mom to take pictures of you more often.

    1. I feel like such an inconvenience asking others to take pics for me. Yet I take pics for everyone and share them and it's fine. I did have to wait like a month to get the pictures from the other person. I hate when people don't share pictures in a timely fashion. But lately I don'' share them in a timely fashion either because I have pics to share from everyday so it's tough.