Monday, September 26, 2016

Newborn Photos (9.17.16)

Marie Cole from Girl Taking Pictures (facebook) took Miles's newborn photos.  She's taken Ella's 9 month photos, 1 year and cake smash photos, bonus 13 month photos, 2 year photos (family shots), and then maternity photos!
Miles was 7 days old when we took these photos. I feel like he barely looks like a newborn.
Miles liked to be bundled up or he woke up even with a space heater in the room making it so hot for the adults!
I'm pretty sure the contract only guaranteed 8 photos. Marie was telling me she never provided less than 17 though. Newborn photos take a lot more editing than other photos. I ended up getting 35 photos. I made an album with them all.
We were trying to take a few shots of the 3 of us and only got through the first shot that wasn't even that good before Ella ran over asking where her spot was.

This one was taken setting up for Ella to sit and hold Miles. She was so excited. But then she kept moving all around so she barely got to hold him. We had to go with lying down.

Miles was asleep until Marie tried to get poses with his hands or legs out then it was awake baby time!

This little white afghan is one that I crocheted.

After a lot of effort we finally got him back to sleep again to get some more sleeping shots.

Even trying to be selective I included 25 of the 35 pictures. I don't even know why I try to limit myself since I always have such a difficult time.


  1. These turned out great! Love the ones of him and Ella.

    1. Sometimes I feel like Ella steals the show!