Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Dress and Cardigan: Kohl's 
Shoes: Famous Footwear (they weren't even on clearance)
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Purse: Target

I had Dave take my picture at lunch because I went to PT before work so I got dressed at PT. I forgot my slip. Sad times.  And after work was hitting the gym so I needed to get an outfit photo.
I wore this necklace with this dress because Kimberly told me they went. Also she told me the necklace would go with hot pick. Well I did them both in one outfit.  I wasn't wearing the necklace with many things before because I didn't know what it matched and only went by what my color wheel told me. 

I have had these shoes for a few weeks but this was the first time I wore them. The toe box was a little tight but it probably has to be so your foot doesn't slide too far down the toe hole. I thought they were sufficient.  Late in the day, I realized my left big toe had some skin scraped away. I guess they weren't as good as I thought. 

They wind made my picture not as cool. Sometimes wind can enhance pictures but here it made them worse.
That cube wall in the very edge of the window shown is my cube wall.   
I got back to my desk and after a minute I hear over the cube wall "Colleen, did I see you getting your picture taken outside."  Oh no I was busted.  There was a short conversation where I was asked why I was getting my picture taken and I responded about my calendar site. Then I sent him the link. A different coworker came over to talk about work related things so we stopped talking. After I got back to my desk he made 2 observations. He said I wear a lot of red (which I often talk about on my blog and why I started my color rotation challenge) and he said I didn't wear yellow much (which I realized during the challenge). Then I walked over to his cube and we scrolled through 3 years worth of pictures. He told me I should themes and challenges (he didn't call them challenges but what he described were challenges).  It was fascinating... a little weird, but fascinating.  Has anyone caught you taking your picture and then asked you about it?
Before PT, I had some time to kill since I didn't wake up early enough to make it to work, so I went on my computer to write a blog post.  Well Poly jumped at the opportunity and got on my lap. I petted her for awhile once I was ready to get up, but then it was really time to go. I even tried to tilt Poly off of me so she would think it was her idea to get up. She did not go for it. She managed to get situated and still stay on me when I had her tilted at a 45 degree angle.  I actually had to lift her off and put her down. Sad times. I never move her or make her get off of me.
Once I got home from work I should have packed, but I just grabbed a few things and the suitcase. Poly sure didn't want me to pack by evidence of her sitting in my suitcase.
My regular camera was downstairs so I had to use my iphone to take her picture.  I quit early on packing and went downstairs to watch TV.  I came up after a few shows to pack with only a little bit of time before bed. I thought packing can't be that hard.
I closed the suitcase while I picked everything out and Poly sat on that. She really wanted to impact my packing ability.  I packed extra because I talked to Nicole and she was packing a lot. I did put some stuff back that I had out.  (Later I learned I shouldn't have put that back. I forgot that I was accounting for three outfits on certain days.)  I was packing jewelry and realized a year ago was the last time I packed and I really only wore 1 or 2 necklaces so packing was easy. Now I have a ton to pick from.
I was almost done packing but needed something out of my bookshelf. I opened the door and Poly went right in there. Then she thought she was trapped. I opened the left door for her and then she left.


  1. So glad you tried the colors with the necklace! You know I love rainbow explosions! And really, that greenish turquoise goes with several other hues!

  2. I love the colours you are wearing!!! You look great!

  3. LOVE all of those colors together! That dress is fantastic on you, too.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. Kimberly. Thanks for providing me the suggestion on what tow ear.

    Liz, thank you.

    Thanks Melissa. I think I'm wearing this dress to a rehearsal dinner tomorrow.

  5. I love all the colors! What a fun outfit. Bummer about the shoes, but give them another chance...sometimes the first wear is the worst.

  6. Angeline, Actually the shoes got worse. They stretched or something and my heel likes to fly out of the shoe. I bought the little heel pad things. Hopefully they help.