Sunday, May 15, 2011

Twitter 5.15

01:37:09 AM - uh o I'm addicted to reading what people write on @BodyMediaFIT's facebook page. I am responding to far too many. I don't have time for this
02:00:00 AM - @whoatemyblog I'm still trying to figure that out. Did you learn anything good from anyone?
02:03:37 AM - @NA_YGN @PittsburghYGN raised $8,000 for the American Red Cross for Japan Relief in a very short amount of time. Good job to them too.
02:30:55 AM - I actually cooked. I rarely do so it went into the blog title.
02:38:56 AM - @BodyMediaFIT Calorie burn from my day of not working out but that my daily activities were a lot
02:43:38 AM - @katy_rose1 yea it sucked. I got mine up eventually and so did a lot of people but still sucked.
02:47:15 AM - @BodyMedia I wish we met in real life. I did meet a few people at a wellness fair last September/October time frame. Wonder who I met!?
02:49:34 AM - @reedaboutme grab dessert or a cinnamon roll?
02:54:12 AM - @katy_rose1 I started taking my picture from the back because I was realizing how things weren't fitting well back there. Belts help me.
03:30:46 AM - oh boy I stayed up too late. I blame my 3 hour nap.
09:18:24 AM - @LaurelHeather I post daily. Isn't it easier for you to follow me in reader or load the page every few days?
09:34:38 AM - I got out of bed holding Poly at the same time so my camera went flying and now I can't find it. How could it disappear?
11:41:23 AM - Didn't like the teaser for Gossip Girl Season Finale. Sigh.
11:44:57 AM - I think it is good. RT @FatGirlvsWorld: My first take of my @BodyMediaFIT SpokesBody Video:
11:48:50 AM - @iamoddd I ended up finding it after going to look 3-4 times. It was behind the night stand near all my cords. It was camouflaged.
04:44:29 PM - I'm pretty sure when you mow, your feet aren't supposed to get soaked from all the mud and puddles in the yard.
05:05:32 PM - @stinachristina New Balance have mainly been good for me. Brooks were also 2 out of my last 3 pairs. I don't do research or anything though
06:30:11 PM - @reedaboutme it is dreary a lot in Pittsburgh and it gets depressing
06:31:19 PM - Yay RT @briecs: I GOT ACCEPTED TO PSU! WOO!
10:41:19 PM - @ADayinLifeToo funny. Some funnier than others.

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