Friday, June 10, 2011

Friend Friday: Summer Trends

This week Katy wants us to write our five favorite Summer trends. Now I thought I was up on the trends after my research for the spring trends but I guess summer doesn't have the same trends as spring... or maybe it does. I have to do some more research.

I looked at a few sites here, here, and here and am surprised at what they say is a trend.

Well I found a site that said Color Blocking is in for the Summer too. I knew some trends would be the same. Some websites even list Spring and Summer trends together together.

  1. Color Blocking
  2. Graphic Prints
  3. Sundresses
  4. Bold Necklaces
  5. Tangerine

One style I can't get behind is the romper.

Too bad a style isn't to wear my 10 year old clothes that are in my closet.  I did see a few different outfits that reminded me of my park ranger outfit so perhaps I'm in style with my old clothes. 


  1. Colour blocking is so much fun for the summer - I seem to wear mainly black all winter so I am loving all of the colour this season :) Great post!

  2. I'm really into color blocking!

  3. I had a hard time coming up with different trends for the summer than I used for the spring trend FBFF! I wanted to list Maxi dresses again. But I figured there were more trends that could be named, even I still plan to wear the spring ones all the way through the summer! - Katy

  4. Oh come on Colleen..rompers are fun! Give 'em a try!