Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding (5/21/11)

On May 21, Dave and I went to Philadelphia for his father's wedding.
It was very hot. Dave and I hid in the shade. Dave had to wipe the sweat off his face many times. At least we realized and got napkins out of the car so Dave had something to wipe his face with.  It was hot out but it was muddy. It was rough going with the heels that I packed. I did not anticipate the muddiness. I checked the weather and no rain during our visit but didn't back check weather to see what the ground would be like.
Muddy but hard to tell
Dave's grandmom, aunt, and dad
Dave and Magen
Jason and Erica
Christopher and Lori
The Wedding Party
The Wedding Party
I didn't take any pictures of us eating but the buffet was just get up and go whenever. Dave and I were at the head table but we were not given food like the bride and groom so then there was confusion on getting food so then Dave and I got food last. And they were out of things. No plain bagels. I still got enough to eat. The omelet was great. We ate around 1:00 PM, but all the food was breakfast food.   I took a picture of Dave's jacket on my chair because it reminded me of a picture of his jacket from our wedding.
I have never seen Dave's dad, Neil, so happy.
The cake was cheesecake. I think they had 4 different kinds.  After they fed each other a bit, Neil ate the rest of the slice. He said he had to have one of each kind.
Jason is Lori's youngest son and he sure loves Dave.
During lunch (but breakfast foods) Jason asked Neil if he should call him Dad or continue to call him Neil. The answer was "whatever you want" with a shrug so Jason said "OK Dad" man it was cute.

The ceremony and reception were outside. The first dance and cutting the cake were in a building right beside the reception tables.
While we were eating, Jason wanted to use my camera. I let him use my little camera. He took one nice picture.
The rest of the pictures he took weren't the best. He did catch me mid yawn.
He took a close-up of my eye too. 
There were probably 150 people at the wedding. At one point Dave's dad said that he didn't know 3/4 of them.

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  1. Aw, it looks beautiful and sounds like you had a good time, despite the heat and mud. Your eye make-up looks really nice! ;)

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