Saturday, June 18, 2011

Working out - Some history

Two years ago and some change I joined the gym at work. I thought that I would go a few times a week for a month or two and then would lose motivation and would either quit the gym or at least discontinue going. I don't have a specific post about it, but back in April 2009, I talked about it a little. The first day I went to the gym was March 30. I got access to go earlier in the week but my first official membership was April 1 start.

Two years later, I'm still constantly working out. I may not be going to the gym as often but I am keeping up with working out at home or outside in addition to going to the gym.

There are probably many reasons I have stuck with exercising and maintaining a more healthy lifestyle but one of those reasons has been the trainers at the gym.

I didn't realize how much until recently.

Over the years I have gotten to know 4 trainers pretty well. I am pretty sad to say that only 1 of them is left. I am trying to get to know 2 newer ones but I don't deal well with change and just miss those that I used to talk to.

I have talked to a few of them about training plans and being able to handle them with my knee post-surgery.  I have talked to them about shin problems I have had, about what additional knee exercises I could do, what workout routines I could do, and many more things.  I feel like I more than just got advice from them that I became friends with them.  I feel like I have accomplished so much over the past two years and that I just have even more that I want to accomplish. Three years ago, I did not have any workout goals. I basically just wanted to be able to walk without pain. I am so glad to say that my goals are very different this time around.

I have started to like yoga which I think is amazing. There is no way that I would be doing yoga if it weren't for the trainers.

Kelly has only been gone 1.5 months and I already lost a lot of motivating. Bri just left this week.  I really need to get more motivated on my own and less depressed that they left. I really miss talking to the trainers before or after a workout. I miss working out with them.

Kelly was great with motivating me to run my first 10k.  I had run a 5k and she said if I could run 3 miles, then I could run 6.  I would talk to her about my runs early on and ask her how she trained. It helped to be able to talk to someone who recently ran races and had to train. I also talked to her about her GoWear fit and then got one on my own.

Joining the gym at work has also provided a lot of friendships.  I realized recently that all of my "new" friends are people that workout. Also most of the conversations I have with people are about exercising.  Perhaps I have no other life, but I tend to believe that exercising is a good thing and working out with others is great.

Lindsey encouraged me to attend group fitness classes. I used to talk to her constantly when I was working out after work.  It took a little convincing and then I went to Body Pump. After a few months I went to a spinning class.  Then I did Body Combat and Chiseled Core.  I tried Cardio Fusion and then eventually yoga. I was even doing classes 4 days a week unless I was training for a race  and cut it back to three days.

Every time I think about how the awesome trainers are gone, I get sad. I was motivated to workout on my own but now I'm demotivated based on how the old company was not chosen for the new contract at work even though they were the low bid. The new company is not nice and welcoming.  I'm basically afraid to talk to the trainers now, even the ones I know.  I felt like when I talked to the trainers, they actually cared about me. I'm not so sure that is the case with everyone. I really do hope to continue to maintain friendships with everyone. (I hope they don't think I'm that weird person that talks to them too much and that they actually want to maintain contact with me.)  They were amazing instructors. I always thought I could push myself on my own but they pushed me even more.

I was trying to get Dave to join the gym for awhile. He was willing to consider it once he was done with grad school. He was done in May but now I don't even feel like trying to get him to join. I also feel like quitting myself. I have some equipment at home but I feel like I won't use it at home because I like the other human interaction.

Sorry this post was longer than normal and jumped all over the place.   In summary:

  1. The trainers at the gym really helped me continue to workout over the past 2 years
  2. The friendships I made at the gym are amazing
  3. I need to get motivated again to workout more even though 3 trainers are no longer around.
I probably could have said more. I had more to say when I started this but lost my train of thought along the way.

How are you motivated?  Do you develop a friendship with trainers at the gym? 


  1. I'm really sorry to hear that the trainers have left. I'm sure that's difficult.

    I don't go to a gym because my only time to work out is really early in the morning, so I use DVDs at home. I'm motivated because I've been VERY overweight before so I know what that's like, and I don't want to go back there. I'm motivated by the thought that I'm teaching my daughter by example how to be healthy, and I'm keeping myself healthy so that I'm around longer for her.

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  2. I can empathize. The new set of trainers are moderately creepy. DVDs are a nice change of pace from going to the gym....P90X especially.

  3. Melissa, I have workout DVDs but tend to always procrastinate/ put them off until it was bedtime so that method doesn't work so well with me.

    You know what else is creepy. The one day I went in to shower and change after working out and the new trainer guy was in the locker room talking to the new GM. Not sure what about but I made my presence known so that he would get out of there. There was no sign or anything saying he was in there.

    I have a few of my brother's P90X but I scratched one so I don't have that anymore. Although I have only ever done yoga for p90x.

  4. Don't be afraid to comment about the new gym to HR.

    I'm not motivated to exercise. I pretty much just hate exercising (as you well know). It hurts a lot and I end up having a crash later from it most of the time. Building a relationship with the trainers didn't really help me - it wasn't so much that I didn't like them, it was mostly that I just felt too self-conscious around them.

    I really did like Nick, though, and he was the thing I missed most about coming in early to use the exercise bike and weights. If I had been able to keep affording the gym when he was here, I would have kept going. I don't know why he in particular made me feel comfortable, even though I knew all of the other trainers/gym people for a lot longer. I kinda miss him.