Thursday, June 23, 2011

Friend Friday: Fashion Realizations

According to Katy:
This was partly fueled by a suggestion from Suz of MissVinylAhoy and partly by my own realization that I like some odd things since I started blogging – things I never would have looked twice at before.
1. Since you began blogging do you notice a change in the types of things you gravitate towards while shopping?
I don't do nearly enough shopping. I have also been taking my daily picture for 6 years so I have had a long evolution.  I am a lot more willing to try on new things, but that started right before I started knowing about fashion blogging.  I think I just learn about what is out there better since I don't read magazines and don't go shopping enough to see everything that is out there at a given time.  I do look for more patterns but I'm not sure if it is blogging or just looking at my own calendar site that caused me to want more of that.

2. Do you find, as a fashion blogger, that you dress differently from your family and friends? Do they comment on that?
Depending on who it is then yes and yes.  I often get comments about being dressed up or dressing really nice.  I often get comments about being trendy or having the current style yet what I'm wearing that day I have had for 5 years

3. What’s the weirdest fashion that you secretly like, even if you aren’t bold enough to wear it?
I don't know if this is a fashion but I wish I could wear some nice suspenders.

4. Looking at current trends – what would you like to try but need to build up the courage to do?
Well based on my previous posts I don't even know what the current trends really are.  But even after doing my research if I liked it, I wanted to try it and tried it or didn't try it because I didn't own it.  I didn't not try a trend because of the courage.

5. Toot someone’s horn – what fashion blogger out there inspires you with her bold fashion choices?
I don't know if it is inspiration by bold fashion choices or inspiration by fashion I like. I have noticed the ones that inspire me the most change. I get the most inspiration from Liz, Angeline, and Ashley currently.


  1. "I don't do nearly enough shopping."

    You shop more than anyone I know.

  2. I don't more than anyone I know.

  3. Also each time I'm out I buy stuff. Other people look and spend a lot more time out or shopping online than I do (even if the amount of stuff we buy is similar)

  4. I think you would look badass in suspenders.

    If I made more money, I'd shop as much as you do... probably more.

  5. I used to have a thing for suspenders in high school, think I still have a pair in my closet... should bust them out!

  6. I don't know if I could pull off suspender haha ! But you should definitely try it !

  7. Thanks for the shout-out, hon! I think you're awesome at trying out new things. :)

  8. Brie, I would look silly in suspenders

    Kimberlee, yup bust them out

    Marie-Eve, I also don't know if I could pull off suspenders

    Andeline, I just speak the truth :) I'm awful at trying new things though. I have 2 belts that are skinny that I have yet to wear. I have had them for months.