Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5.30 - Memorial Day

Shoes: Walmart (I think) in 2003
Dress: Target in 2010

I threw this on after trying on old clothes.  It was the start of my realization that dresses are as comfy as yoga pants but look a little more polished.
Poly was getting in my way of trying on clothes. I'd put them on my bed and she'd go over and sit on them.  I never did end up trying on that skirt. She sure got a lot of cat hair on it. I went to go post about trying on clothes and Dave fell asleep while he was reading and Poly napped too. Then she was ready to move onto new clothes I was trying on when I went back over.   I still have a lot more clothes to go through.  I also would like to mix and match some outfits because I probably have things that go together and don't realize and in the morning I'm too tired to think and just go with what I know.
I watched TV with Dave and Poly.  We didn't leave the house even though it was a holiday. We didn't have a picnic. We didn't go to a picnic. We didn't do much of anything.

I kind of wish I had a picnic or something. I kind of wish the patio was done so I'd have a table outside. I guess you can't have everything and at least I have a super cute cat.

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  1. You really do have a super cute cat. And when I get my own place again, I'm getting another cat!

    DRESSES, FTW! I love them. So much. :) That one looks great on you!

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