Saturday, July 30, 2011

7.6 - Poly

I woke up early to run but it was too hot inside the house and I was miserable so going outside to run would be even worse so I did not.  I just worked (and took Poly's picture)
These aren't even all the pictures I took of Poly.

I had wonderful spaghetti for dinner. For dessert, we had banana cream pie. The pie had a cool whip topping. I like meringue better.  The pie filling filled in to the 2 pieces we took out.

I used the exercise bike, stretched, and did abs. I was sweating like crazy. It was a rough workout.

I stayed up too late watching Brothers and Sisters. It's a good show. I watched 6 episodes and got caught up.


  1. Banana cream pie is one of my favorites. It's so delicious!! Your kitty is adorable!!

  2. Banana cream pie is my 2nd favorite with meringue but peanut butter pie is the best!