Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:03:48 AM - My glutes are still sore
09:07:23 AM - Just ran with Christina. If it wasn't for meeting her I'd still be in bed.
11:52:34 AM - @LaurelHeather I used to read morty's Updates and daily logs and tweets. Didn't this year yet.
12:38:23 PM - To nap, do yoga, or something else?
01:04:58 PM - @TheNewChrissy thanks. I was going to do what someone said and if nobody responded then nap.
01:20:45 PM - @TheNewChrissy I'm here doing done yoga stretches and look back to see this
01:35:32 PM - @TheNewChrissy my cat us constantly getting in my way. She wants my attention.
01:48:08 PM - Yoga has me sweating up a storm. I should have had a fan on me. I didn't want to feel all sweaty
09:29:20 PM - My date at the picnic because Dave wouldn't go.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

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