Friday, July 29, 2011

Where do you blog from? (FBFF)

The normal Friend Friday questions are happening every other week now and on the opposite week someone else hosts something else...  how vague of me huh.  

Well this week they wanted to know where we blog from.  Instead of digging up old photos that happened to be taken of me I just took a picture last night. You can check where everyone else blogs from too
This is my chair. that i sit in. The notebook in front of the keyboard is my blog notebook. (Note this desk was cleaned off just the day before by throwing most of the junk that was on the desk into a box that is on the floor.)
This is the computer. When I blog, chrome and picasa are always on the left monitor while windows of different folders of photos are on the left monitor.
Then sometimes I sit on that chair and a half and use a laptop to blog. I never edit photos on the laptop though.
This is what usually happens when blogging and then I'm forced (yes forced) to blog with one hand or crop photos with one hand because Poly has my other one.
Sometimes I have to reach over Poly to blog
Or reach under her

Poly also sits on me on my chair downstairs
Where do you blog?

(See below for some other random pictures to prove that it is a common occurrence to sit at my computer with Poly on me.)


  1. I wish I had Poly to keep me company! So cute!
    :) f
    The House in the Clouds

  2. Poly is a sweet kitty! Mine also like to help me type and they occasionally send email.

  3. Poly hasn't sent an email but she's typed some. She was iming my brother one day. She made a collage the other day in picasa.

  4. Oh my goodness, Poly is like a velcro kitty.

  5. Such a cute cat. Looks so cuddly.

  6. She is. She is even more than usually. She was laying on dave last night and I moved my computer and she lept from his chest to the ottoman to my chair to my lap. She hardcore wanted to cuddle with me.

    Also thanks Daphne