Thursday, October 13, 2011


Shirt: Work (prize)
Skirt: Loft
Shoes: Famous Footwear (Sherri)

(These shoes were not meant to be worn when you have to stand for a couple hours. Ouch)
What a day...
I woke up hoping to run before work. It was too dark so I decided not to and tried to go back to sleep. Dave kept being loud getting ready and trying to talk to me. I couldn't fall back to sleep but still kept trying.

Finally I got out of bed and got in the shower.  While in the shower 2 of my alarms went off and I got out to turn them off. That's what I get for constantly hitting snooze even when I wake up.  Then as I turn the water off to get out of the shower I notice my phone is ringing. I do not know the phone number. I answer it. It was a teacher for the NA-YGN drawing contest I was trying to get in touch with. She wants me to present that very day! There was some back and forth and we kept missing each other.   I learned I not only would have to give the presentation once but twice. I guess I need to look at the slides for the first time.   The presentations impact other appointments I have for the day.

When walking from my car into work I overheard the following conversation:
Guy 1 gave Guy 2 a ride into work
Guy 2: I normally park as far away from the door as possible to walk more
Guy 1: I normally park as close as I can do the door.
(some chit chat about exercise)
Guy 1: Well I biked 120 miles this weekend so I think that cancels out your parking far from the door
Guy 2: No I don't think so.
(then silence the last 20 steps into the building)
The car they got out of is the one I've been eyeing up lately wondering who drove it because it had 2 stickers on it that I was intrigued about. I knew the guy was a runner based on them; 26.2 and 50k. I didn't know he biked too. Too bad they were right behind me. I didn't get to figure out who he was. I caught a quick glimpse but that was it.

I get to work and am going nuts trying to get work done before I have to leave.  I'm also trying to call the doctors office to move my allergy shot appointment. Well my stupid doctors don't have an answering machine so I have to wait until they open. I had to wait until 10am for that. So then once it hit 10:00, I tried calling every 2 minutes until I actually got through instead of the stupid busy signal. Once I finally got through (12th time), I was immediately put on hold. I was on hold a total of 20 minutes. Finally I talk to someone and say I can't make my noon appointment for a shot but could come now or reschedule for a different day. I specifically mentioned waiting 90 minutes last time for a shot and how I did not want that again. The lady told me no day is good! Then she tells me to go in right then.  I head out.  I have to wait 15-20 minutes before getting called back for my shot. Then I have to wait to make sure I don't have a reaction. Time was up so I get up to have someone check me for a reaction (I knew I didn't have one but apparently a medical professional has to confirm) and I wait 10 minutes standing there while the lady at the desk tries to get someone  to look at it.  The nurse finally comes out to look. Touches it looks and says something like it is a little puffy but no reaction but says it in a way like she was reassuring me and I thought I had a reaction. Stupid. I told her I knew and then I left.

Immediately from there I headed on the turnpike to go to Verona  to do the NA-YGN drawing contest presentations. I eat my uncrustable on the way. I get there (almost late) and the people at the desk have no idea how to check me in or page the teacher to come get me.

The presentations went well. The kids asked good questions. I wish I had more pens to giveaway.

As soon as I was done there I headed to drive to my laser hair removal appointment. (This was the appointment I had for 2 weeks ago but had to move a week then the place called to move it a week. then they called me back wanting to move it back but I didn't do it).  I plug the address in my phone and realize I'll be 2 minutes late. Then there is crazy traffic in Oakmont so I dig out my reminder call and call them to say I'll be 5 minutes late.   I was almost only 4 minutes late, but then my GPS had me turn the wrong way on 19 so after I figured it out, I had to turn around. I was a total of 8 minutes late.

The laser removal didn't hurt as bad as I thought. I didn't even squeeze the stress ball. But after my bikini line on the right sure had 20 dots of blood or more  and the left side had many little welts (or what looked like welts). I wonder if that is normal.

I was going to head back to work after but since I'll miss my telecommuting day on my normal Wednesday, I figured I could go home and work.  I did stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way. I got home, worked, ate dinner, then worked more.

During dinner Dave and I watched some of Singoff but I asked to watch something else.  We tried to watch House but it was the TV show before it that taped. I guess some TV show pushed everything late.

Then we watched The Office and How I Met Your Mother. I wanted to watch more but Dave wouldn't have any parts of that so then I got to work. I had on the Simpsons in the background and worked. I barely paid attention to the show but sometimes I still had to pause it to think.  Once 8:20 hit, I turned on the recording that was still in progress of 90210.  I watched that and worked. That took until 9:30 to watch so it was a little obvious that I paused it a lot to think while I was working.

Then it was time to go upstairs and crop pictures and blog.

Is it a sign I was busy or on the go when the only pictures I took all day happened before I left for work?


  1. I'm tired just reading this! Also- no pink today? :( Oh and I'm pretty sure it was baseball that pushed back House. We watched it thinking the same thing!

  2. There isn't any pink :( I didn't have a Westinghouse shirt that went with pink.

    Baseball also messed up the X Factor. But they fixed it all and have a special show on Sunday (as long as no baseball).