Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Shoes: Nickels via Famous Footwear
Jeans: Express
Sweater: Express
Scarf: NY&Co.

I switched up how I tied the scarf. I left the house wearing it with the ends dangling down.  I was checking out new ways to tie a scarf. Check out this video for 25 ways to tie a scarf. It is impressive.
I spent the entire morning analyzing data and updating excel files. Oh it was fun. Then we went to lunch. Too bad lunch was at 3:00 PM. We went to Outback, then immediately went to Giant Eagle. I napped in the car for 10 minutes before going into Giant Eagle.

I watched TV and used the computer for almost the rest of the night.  Around 9PM, I had a snack. I had cream cheese on crackers and wrapped with salami. All of those ingredients were things I bought at Giant Eagle. Then I used the exercise bike and did an ab workout while watching the Biggest Loser

Around 10 I was going to watch TV and use my computer more but decided to do Ken Ken and fall asleep because I had an early morning ahead of me.

Poly had my arm but I hacked her with a rolled up hoodie

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