Friday, October 21, 2011


Cardigan: Express
Tank: Gap (too big. I need to pin it in the back. I pulled the extra fabric in the back for the pictures but as I move it comes undone)
Skirt: Black House White Market
Necklace: NY&Co.
Shoes: not sure but Mudd shoes

Three new things are worn in this picture.  I had 2 necklace choices but went with my new necklace instead. Now I have to see what I'll wear with this next time.

I decided I need some simple earrings because when I wear a big necklace I don't have earrings to wear since most of the earrings I have are big and bold too and the boldness clashes.
I drove an hour to work again. This time I slept in a little since technically we didn't start until 8:30.

I worked.  I worked longer than most.
Then I went to my parents house and we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  Then we went to Sam's club. I bought a center piece for Christmas.  Then we headed home. We made a stop at Kerber's for some ice cream on the way.  (I got my ice cream in a cup with a cone on top because it is easier to handle that way.) After we got home, we went for a ride in my mom's new van. Well she's had it over a month but I hadn't seen it yet.   I realized around my parents house a ton of people decorate for Halloween. I think more of them do that then my neighborhood decorates for Christmas.
Face-time with Dave and Poly from my parents house
It was 9PM by the time I got home. I was going to run but I was too tired.   But then I ended up watching TV and using my computer. I kept falling asleep looking at youtube videos on how to curl hair. I was trying to master how the girl on Unforgettable curls her hair. I didn't really find a good way to do it.
I kept getting texts or comments from Dave about how Poly was waiting at the top of the steps for me. It kept making me feel bad. As soon as I'd forget about it, I'd get another text or another picture. 

I went to sleep at a little after 11. I guess I would had time to get a few miles in. I'm bummed I didn't get anything in. I didn't even do an ab workout.   Auditing is sure tiring.


  1. Have you thought about wearing some smallish hoop earrings with your big necklaces?

  2. Jo it is so funny you ask that because I did think of it but didn't own any. I just bought some yesterday! I bought a little hoop and a little ball (not sure what they are called). They are cheap. But I wanted to see if I liked the style before investing big bucks.