Saturday, October 22, 2011


I had to pack my clothes to get dressed at my mom's so I didn't want to wear something new and get there and have it not work. So I looked at my calendar site and scrolled until I found one I wanted to pack. This is what I picked.

Skirt and shirt: Express
Cardigan: NY&Co.
Belt: Kohl's
Shoes: Mudd

I woke up before my alarm but kept going back to sleep. I even hit snooze.   I got ready for work and would have left 15 minutes earlier but I kept talking to my mom (or she kept talking to me).

Auditing was even more tiring today.  I didn't even find any more findings.

I tried really hard to keep up with emails and have the emails from today be 0 in my inbox.  This lasted until 9:45. I made it longer than the day before.
My husband uses the "find friends" app
After work I was going to run but it got so cold I didn't have the proper attire packed with me. I want to know who made it 33 degrees!
I get this and a text "No one invited this animal up here"
So instead of running I picked up dinner at Adrian's. I got pizza for Dave and a hoagie.  If an unhealthy wasn't hoagie wasn't enough I also ate chips with dip, pumpkin roll, and pudding.
We watched The Office, How I Met your Mother, and The X Factor.
Then I watched the Biggest Loser. I was about to go to bed but wanted to crop some pictures since the rest of the post was ready.  Well that took some time because the pictures weren't uploading automatically so Poly had time to chill out on my buddy chair (also known as a guest chair or the 2nd chair in my room that I have in a good spot for when Dave has to help me with my computer.)
Here are some random things I want to know
  1. Why does Forever 21 jam pack their racks like they do? Don't they realize it is harder to shop that way.
  2. Why do plenty of stores have a petite section but none of them have a tall girl section?
  3. Why do I remember random dates of some things but then can't remember why I walked down a certain aisle in the store?  (The other day I was talking to Dave about when we made chicken noodle soup last year and I said I was guessing it was October 24, 2010 and then I check my blog and I was right.)
  4. What can I do to stop getting so tired every time I drive? 

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  1. Find Friends is way more stalkery than Foursquare.