Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Jeans: Express
Shoes: Nickels via Famous Footwear
Sweater: Kohl's I think - in 2006
Necklace: Sears
Earrings: Target
I woke up and ran. I wanted to sleep in a little bit but if I did I would have missed the running group.

I ran. Then I analyzed data. I ate a small lunch. Then I showered. Then I analyzed data some more.  Then I mowed 3/4 the lawn. I didn't have time to mow the entire lawn.  I got dressed again and we headed out the door to watch the Steeler Game at Paulo's house.

After the game, I watched TV, used the computer, and went to sleep fairly early.


  1. OMG, Mr(s). Whiskers here in one of these strands bags should make your banner!! I love these pics!! :)


  2. Those hoops look good on you! Did they feel comfortable to wear? I'd be lost without my hoops, but I always wear much bigger ones than you've got there.

  3. @La Professionnelle, Thanks. I have a ton of good pictures of her but haven't redone my banner in a year. I was about to redo it but didn't think of putting a picture of her in the bag up. I may.

    @Jo, They were comfortable. They were good except when I was talking on my iphone. I had to take it off to talk right. Well I had to hold the phone with my shoulder so I could type. I was in a conference room with someone else so I couldn't put it on speaker.