Monday, October 10, 2011

10.7 - Day of Caring

I did United Way Day of Caring at Camp Bucoco.  It is a boy scout camp near Slippery Rock.  We were split into 4 groups. 1 group put a tin roof on a small building, another built a pavilion, another cleaned a trail and also put trail marking stakes into the ground, and the last group put cedar siding on a cabin. I had reasons for picking or not picking each thing. Christina did too. We both ended up wanting to do the same thing.  The level of direction was crazy. We figured it out. We progressed well until we ran out of cedar.  Then we got more cedar later and didn't quite get done. We also kind of ran out of cedar again.  It was a shame to not be able to finish. There were a ton of wasps and bugs around. After I got home, I noticed quite a few bites on my arm and shoulder. My left side must have been more appealing than my right side.

We compared our project to things at work.

  1. People steal your resources  - We'd be there ready to give our dimensions for the next piece of cedar we'd need and someone would walk up and just cut right in front of us and get their piece first. 
  2. We progress well until we wait for inputs from someone else and have to wait around not progressing - We ran out of cedar and had to wait around to get more. 
  3. When you get to the wire then it's hectic to finish - When we got new wood but only had a little bit of time before leaving on the bus it was quite hectic to try to finish.
  4. It takes while to get started on an unfamiliar task but you figure it out on your own - It took us awhile to get started but after some trial and error we figured it out ourselves. 
There were probably more things that we compared to actual work but I'm not remembering them now.
After work, Dave and I got pizza delivered. Then I went to Body Pump After pump I stayed talking to Steph for over an hour.  I got home and we watched TV until bed.  I went to sleep shortly after 10:30. Friday is always my early to bed night of the week.  I think I'm the opposite of other people in that way.  I have always been that way. Back in high school, I remember falling asleep at 9:30 on a Friday yet I stayed up until 11 or later each night on school nights.

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