Saturday, October 1, 2011

9.30 - Happy Birthday to Me

Cardigan and Skirt: Express
Shirt: Limited
Shoes: Nine West from Famous Footwear
Earrings: Target

Happy Birthday to me.

My birthday fell on a 9/80 day off. Boy was I excited.  Well then it turned out I had to go into work for a 4 hour meeting.  Not so bad. I figured I could leave at lunch.  My meeting in the morning went pretty well.

This morning I got a birthday card.  Then later that same person bought me a brownie.  They were from the same person.  It was extra special because she's not even a good friend. She is just a coworker. It makes me happy.  I actually wanted to take her out to lunch based on how hard she is working but she was MIA when I went to eat lunch. So I ate alone in my cube.  Since I'm never at work on the same Friday as Jen, I forgot she was around. She had other plans anyway.
Then I had additional work to do.
Then I ended up at work later than 95% of the people  Then after 11 hours, it got better.
Two friends offered to go out to dinner with me since I said Dave was full from lunch so no birthday dinner for me.  I picked Olive Garden.  There was a wait.   Nick said I had to eat 3 bowls of pasta.... so I did.  I actually got 4 because the waiter messed up one so I ate half the wrong one.  Nick coordinated them to bring me a cake. He was tricky. I even had a bowl after that.  The waiter laughed when I asked for my 4th bowl.  I guess I ate more than he or anyone thought.  I wasn't even full when I quit eating. I was just taking so long. I was done eating a good 20 minutes after everyone else.  I just quit so that I didn't make everyone else wait.
At dinner, Dave made me open my birthday present.  He got me a new camera.  How exciting.  He made claims of not getting me anything since I spent so much at the mall less than a week ago.

After dinner, Dave and I watched The X Factor.
I worked 53 hours so far this week. I still have more work to do. I didn't get done what my manager asked for yet. I have to do that this weekend.  My work week should have been 36 hours!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Colleen! You look great, and what a good guy Dave is to get you a Canon Powershot! (I've always wanted a pocket-sized Powershot--I have a Canon digital camera that I love, but that is too big to carry around all the time. Sorry you've had to work so much this week--I know the feeling! I'm glad your friends took you out, though.

  2. My old camera was a Canon Powershot from 4-5 years ago. It was the SD1000. I have carried in my purse daily for the past 3 years. I used it A LOT. It's days were numbered. Some things were breaking on it from so much use. (I also carried a spare battery and charger with me because I've been with a dead battery before.)

  3. It's essential for you to have a good camera, though! You document so much with photos on your blog that I can see why a camera would have to be a good workhorse in your situation!

  4. Happy belated birthday!! I totally forgot our birthdays were the same day!!

  5. Anita, there are some things I like better about my old camera. Perhaps I need to read the manual but I have yet to read one for a camera. I think my old Canon elf was quicker

    Angeline, thanks

    Julie, Thanks and that's how I remembered your birthday.... I remembered they were the same day. Also Kimberly's anniversary is the same day as our birthdays.

  6. Yep that's right! It's the best day! :)

    Is that a HRM on your arm? What kind do you use?


  7. Julie, That's a BodyMedia fit on my arm. It tracks calorie burn, number of steps, exercise duration, sleep duration, sleep efficiency. I'm addicted to all the data. It isn't a heart rate monitor though.

  8. I've heard of those. A coworker of mine used BodyBugg (I believe?) and loved it. It's expensive though! How does it know how many steps you take if it's on your arm?


  9. BodyBugg and BodyMedia fit are from the same company. BodyBugg doesn't do sleep efficiency or allow exporting of data though. I'm not sure what it has that BodyMedia fit does not.

    I'm not sure how it does steps. Someone told me once it is a little bit under when it does it if you wear an armband and also use a separate pedometer. I wore both on 3 separate occasions and they were extremely similar so I think it is good.

    It is expensive but it was worth it to me. I do have an arm bend from wearing it often and maybe too tight though.